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“Both Iran, P5+1 want to reach agreement to pre-empt possible Israeli strike”

June 20, 2012


Both Iran and P5+1 group want to reach an agreement in a bid to halt the military aspects of Islamic Republic’s nuclear program and to pre-empt a possible Israeli strike, Senior fellow at Nanyang Technological University’s S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, James M. Dorsey said. Advertisements

“Arab states to desist from direct involvement even if Israel joins U.S. in attacking Iran”

May 12, 2012


The Arab governments would desist from direct involvement if Israeli forces join the US strike on Iran, expert on South Asian and Middle East Studies, research scholar at the University of Texas at Austin Saif Shahin said.

Exiled son of Iran’s Shah calls on Israel to aid, instead of bombing nuclear sites

April 10, 2012


The exiled son of the toppled shah of Iran Reza Pahlavi called on Israel not to bomb his home country, but rather to help the opposition to the ruling system, in an interview aired Monday on Israeli television, The Washington Post reported.

Ex NY City Mayor gone nuts, wants to “attack Iran, if sanctions fail”

April 2, 2012


Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch has apparently lost his mind. What else to expect from a 87 year old, who claims to “attack Iran, if sanctions fail”? The potential for an armed standoff between a nuclear Iran and Israel is not comparable to the Cold War and the United States should be prepared […]

Reasons not to start war with Iran

March 30, 2012


I remember long time ago I watched this cult war movie called “The Last Hunter”, about the vietnam war, and the film had a great tagline – “War is hell. This is worse.” Well, as the talks on a possible attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities do not stop, below seven interesting reasons from AmericanForeignPolicy for […]

If attacked, Iran will launch 11,000 missiles at U.S., Israel – envoy

March 10, 2012


Iran has prepared itself to launch about 11,000 missiles at Israel and U.S. bases in the region if they do a strike on country’s nuclear facilities, Tehran’s ambassador to Lebanon Ghazanfar Roknabadi said, Mehr reported.

Pentagon: U.S. May Attack Iran with New ‘Great Weapon’

March 9, 2012


The United States may use a new 13,600-kilogram bunker-buster bomb against Iran, reported on Thursay quoting the U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Herbert Carlisle as saying.

Obama will try to hold back Israel from attacking Iran

March 5, 2012


President Barack Obama says he doesn’t want war but insists he would attack Iran if that was the only option left to stop that nation from getting a nuclear weapon, Fox News reported. “Loose talk of war” only plays into Iran’s hands, Obama said Sunday.

War on Iran: options, strategies and outcomes

February 29, 2012


This is something I discovered online, a brief analysis of possible war on Iran, and how it could possibly go forward. Military specialists on Middle East analyzed the various options for a military operation against Iran, and according to them, there are two scenarios.

Russian experts: Iran does have nuclear weapon, expect the worst

February 29, 2012


Weekly “Military-Industrial Courier” publishes a number of statements made at the “round table” of the Club World Economics and International Affairs, Department of World Economy and International Affairs HSE and the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy. This particular topic was “Possible new war in the Persian Gulf”. Russian experts expressed various of their own […]

North Korea to help Iran in case of war?

February 27, 2012


No, there have been no official statements on whether North Korea will help Iran, in case if the Islamic Republic will engage in a war against Israel, or the United States. This is just my own thoughts.

UK preparing plans for possible war with Iran

February 26, 2012


The UK is drawing up plans to send hundreds of troops and an extra nuclear sub to the Gulf as tension mounts with Iran. Defence chiefs are convinced the UK will be swiftly sucked into any new conflict with Tehran’s regime. They say it is a matter of “when”, not “if” the war breaks out. […]