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Six reasons why Iran should use compressed natural gas for vehicles

January 17, 2013


The use of natural gas in vehicles in the world has been increasing, and one country that could benefit big from natural gas-run vehicles is Iran. According to the Natural Gas Vehicle Organization, the number of NGVs (natural gas-fueled cars) in use worldwide by the end of 2011 had grown to 15.2 million. Some forecasts […]

Iran’s true intentions behind proprietorship of four Persian Gulf islands

January 12, 2013


It’s no secret that Iran sometimes makes certain moves to show the neighboring countries that it’s presence in the region is growing. Yesterday, Iran’s Oil Ministry issued a request to the government, asking for the proprietorship of several islands, located in the Persian Gulf, aiming to launch gas hubs in the region. These islands are […]

Psychological pressure of EU sanctions

November 1, 2012


The EU sanctions have been pressuring Iran for quite some time already, from nearly every possible angle. While Iran has not yet developed nuclear bomb, the country did not completely halt its nuclear program either. Islamic Republic’s nuclear program, which as the country says, is only for peaceful purposes, has caused a lot of worries […]

Iran seems confident as EU prepares gas import ban

October 9, 2012


Up until now, Iran has mostly been worried about its oil exports, thanks to numerous sanctions imposed on the country from the U.S., and Europe. Now, it seems like EU is considering imposing a ban on Iran’s gas exports, as part of a set of new measures to ratchet up pressure on the Islamic Republic […]

“Righ now Iran is choking on its own nuclear ambitions”

June 25, 2012


I honestly think that right now Iran is choking on its own nuclear ambitions. Both official and unofficial statistics show that Iran’s economy is being pounded by the sanctions imposed by both EU and the United States. Iran held three nuclear negotiations for the past three months. First it was in Turkey (Istanbul) on April […]

Month of May – a turning point for Iran

May 5, 2012


Month of May can be considered a turning point for Iran, as this month Islamic Republic prepares to hold two talks in two different countries, regarding its nuclear program. First on May 13-14, Iran will host talks with the IAEA in Vienna, regarding Islamic Republic’s nuclear program and its technical aspects. Iran’s Representative to the […]

Trust and flexibility – key points in upcoming “Iran-Six powers” talks

April 26, 2012


Baghdad is getting ready to host the next round of “Iran-Six powers” nuclear negotiations on May 23. Both sides are weighting their advantages at the upcoming talks, yet most experts believe that no real breakthrough should be expected from the Baghdad meeting. While Iran tries to prove itself among the regional neighbors, it needs to […]

Ex NY City Mayor gone nuts, wants to “attack Iran, if sanctions fail”

April 2, 2012


Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch has apparently lost his mind. What else to expect from a 87 year old, who claims to “attack Iran, if sanctions fail”? The potential for an armed standoff between a nuclear Iran and Israel is not comparable to the Cold War and the United States should be prepared […]

If the world was a movie…what would Iran be?

February 20, 2012


Assuming for a second that the world is one big film, don’t rush by saying Iran is the villain. The villain, as I see it, would be North Korea. Iran perfectly fits into being an anti-hero, and I think I can explain why.