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IAEA admits Iran nuclear energy program is peaceful

March 14, 2013


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has acknowledged that Iran is using its nuclear energy program solely for peaceful purposes, Press TV reported. “Iran has a comprehensive agreement with the IAEA and Iran is subject to UN Security Council resolutions which are legally binding. This is the standard,” IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano said at […]

Workers of Iran’s Isfahan nuclear facility experience unknown health problems

November 28, 2012


Some of the workers of Iran’s Isfahan uranium conversion facility (UCF) have been experiencing some health problems at work, the head of Iran’s emergency services, Gholamreza Massoumi said, Mehr reported on Tuesday. Massoumi did not specify what kind of health problems the workers experienced. There has also been no announcement made from the Isfahan’s facility […]

Iranian secretary-general: Intention to visit Parchin is excuse to obtain military secrets

November 26, 2012


IAEA’s intention to visit the Parchin military complex is just an excuse to obtain Iran’s secret military information, secretary-general of Iranian Islamic Coalition party, nuclear expert Hassan Ghafourifard said in Baku. The Secretary general said Iran does not move towards creating an atomic bomb, something that Western states believe the Islamic Republic intends to do. […]

UANI – Iran can be totally isolated from rest of the world in every industry

October 18, 2012


If the Iranian regime does not change course, the economic pressure on it will become so great that it will be totally isolated from the rest of the world in every industry, UANI (United Against Nuclear Iran group) Communications Director Nathan Carleton said. “The global economy today is such that any industry inside a nation […]

United Against Nuclear Iran group targets Iran’s currency crash

October 9, 2012


UANI (United Against Nuclear Iran) plans to highlight the current crash of the Iranian rial, which has fallen 80 percent in the last year, and 40 percent in the last week alone, a source in UANI said. Speaking of the latest foreign currency rate jumps in the Islamic Republic, the source in UANI said that […]

Crisis Group expert: Parchin symbolizes three-fold problem between Iran and IAEA

August 24, 2012


The Parchin military complex symbolizes a three-fold problem between Iran and the IAEA, Senior Iran analyst at International Crisis Group, Ali Vaez said. Visiting the Parchin complex has become a priority for the International Atomic Energy Agency as it seeks to end what the West sees as prolonged Iranian stonewalling of its investigation into allegations […]

“Iran lacks confidence in IAEA’s independence”

August 23, 2012


Iran lacks confidence in the independence of the IAEA and doesn’t want to be seen to be capitulating, Senior fellow at Nanyang Technological University’s S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, James M. Dorsey said. “That lack of confidence is reinforced by the failure of the P5 + 1 talks to produce a mutually acceptable solution […]

“If nothing changes over Iran’s nuclear program dispute, the risks will remain”

July 4, 2012


Unless there is a breakthrough in negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program little is likely to change in the coming months, Senior fellow at Nanyang Technological University’s S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, James M. Dorsey believes. Iran prepares to continue nuclear negotiations, a few days after the oil embargo was officially launched. Iran and 5+1 […]

“Righ now Iran is choking on its own nuclear ambitions”

June 25, 2012


I honestly think that right now Iran is choking on its own nuclear ambitions. Both official and unofficial statistics show that Iran’s economy is being pounded by the sanctions imposed by both EU and the United States. Iran held three nuclear negotiations for the past three months. First it was in Turkey (Istanbul) on April […]

Expert: Six powers have low expectations for nuclear talks with Iran in Moscow

June 9, 2012


Six powers don’t have high expectations for the upcoming nuclear talks with Iran in Moscow, professor at the University of Glasgow and expert on nuclear issues Reza Taghizadeh said. Iran and 5+1 group (Britain, China, France, Russia, and the United States plus Germany) held three sessions of talks in Baghdad on May 23 and 24 […]

Expert: Iran-IAEA talks can negatively affect “5+1” Moscow meeting

June 8, 2012


The talks between Iran and IAEA can negatively impact the “Iran-Six powers” talks in Moscow later in June, professor at the University of Glasgow and expert on nuclear issues Reza Taghizadeh said. Iran and International Atomic Energy Agency will hold new round of nuclear negotioations on June 8, IRNA quoted IAEA Secretary General Yukia Amano […]

Expert: Iran will not be able to hide anything at Parchin

June 5, 2012


Iran will not be able to hide any traces of nuclear work at the Parchin military site, Professor of chemical engineering in Southern California University, Muhammad Sahimi said. The expert was commenting on Iran recently rejecting claims that the country has been clearing all traces of work aimed at developing a neutron trigger for a […]