Peugeot continues to play games with Iran sanctions

Posted on December 1, 2012


uani_iran_041012Peugeot currently continues to play games with Iran sanctions, UANI (United Against Nuclear Iran U.S. group) Communications Director Nathan Carleton said, commenting on Peugeot still producing its cars in Iran.

According to Carleton, since March 2012 more than 100,000 Peugeot vehicles have been produced in Iran.

“We are concerned with Peugeot’s business in Iran. While Peugeot has claimed at times to have suspended shipments to Iran, numerous reports show that parts are still arriving there and automobiles still being produced,” he said.

Because French Peugeot Company and Iran Khodro stopped the co-operation, the manufacturing of Peugeot 206 in Iran has stopped, however Peugeot 405 for example is still being produced in the country.

Iran is also manufacturing its own car brand “Peugeot Pars”, based on the original Peugeot models.

He also said that Peugeot’s fellow French auto manufacturer Renault has notably increased its production in Iran, doubling its output from 2010 to 2011.

Carleton noted that if Peugeot wants to comply with U.S. and EU sanctions and join the international effort to isolate the Iranian regime, it must completely leave Iran, and vigilantly ensure that its automobiles are no longer being produced there.

“Peugeot’s actions contrast with the responsible decisions made by Hyundai, Porsche, Fiat, and Kia,” he said.

Carleton added thaat UANI calls on Peugeot to pull out of Iran, and pledge to not re-enter until the regime has stopped pursuing nuclear weapons.

Because of ntense, pressuring international sanctions on Iran because of its nuclear program, many car manufacturing companies such as Fiat and General Motors, who had a significant market for Iran, stopped sending car parts to the country.

Consindering the fact that many car brands have left Iran, and Islamic Republic’s unstable foreign currency rate, the number of people willing to buy cars has significantly diminished as well.

ILNA reported recently that the average car prices in Iran have increased in September 2012 by some 35 percent since March 2012.