“Iran relies on non-government “hackers” to assist in developing better security” – expert

Posted on September 11, 2012


Iran, just like major powers like U.S. or China relies on non-government “hackers” to assist in developing better security processes, founder of WAF Enterprises, security expert Amrit Williams believes.

On Sept. 4, Iran’s cyber police chief Kamal Hadyanfar told IRNA that the police will enlist the while-hat hackers to help fighting the cyber criminals.

Amrit Williams believes governments rely on hackers due to lack of skilled cyber-security professionals. He added that the hackers are used by relevant structures to monitor and identify threats and also help train others to become proficient.

Speaking of other countries, namely the U.S., Williams mentioned a special program that the Western power has run.

“The U.S. recently ran a a large program to attract individuals – almost 10,000 – to join with the government in defending cyberspace and several universities have started cyber-security degree curriculums,” Williams said.

In case with Iran, the country’s cyber police wants to enlist “white-hat” hackers to help to reveal “back-door” entries into various websites, systems and networks.

The main reasons for internet related complaints in Iran have been revealed by the Computer and Internet dispute council of Tehran’s prosecutor’s office.

According to the member of the Computer and Internet dispute council, Baghir Afhami, the most common complaints are connected with personal information theft, e-mail hacks and bank accounts theft.

Lately, the wave of cyber crimes in Iran has increased. In July, unathorized withdrawals from customers’ bank accounts made up the greatest share of Iran’s cyberspace crimes.