Iran to start manufacturing asthma and allergy vaccines for the first time

Posted on August 2, 2012


Iran will soon start manufacturing asthma and allergy vaccines for the first time, general director of Irvac biological manufacturing international company, Bager Shekeri said, IRNA reported.

Irvac is the company that will manufacture the vaccines. Shekeri noted that so far necessary test being undertaken regarding vaccines, adding that they will be presented in two months.

He also said that mass production of the vaccines is scheduled to begin within six months.

Head of Iran’s Medical Biotechnology Association, Dr Saleh Mohaghegi Hasrati said that the vaccines would be most used in industrial cities, where people are more susceptible to sthma and allergy.

Hasrati also spoke about vaccines against cancer, noting that those are currently in test mode in local laboratories.

He admitted that today 90 percent of vaccines available on the markets are being brought from abroad, and those are being monitored by official ministries.

With regard to those vaccines currently being tested in Iran, Hasrati said their research and manufacturing is completely sponsored by private investors, adding that there are plans to export these vaccines to other countries in the future.

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