Enter the Guinness World Records: Iranians create world’s biggest structure from spaghetti

Posted on August 2, 2012


Iranian students from the Qazvin branch of the Islamic Azad University constructed the world’s largest structure of macaroni, ISNA reported.

The structure is of 24 meters in length, five meters in height and 5.5 meters in width.

Building the macaroni structure started in July 2011 and completed in September, the head of the group of builders told the ISNA News Agency.

Over 33,000 meters of macaroni has been used for building the structure, which weights about 103 kgs.

The university plans to register the success in the book of Guinness World Records, which does not seem to have any records close to this.

If the structure is accepted into the Guinness World Records, Iran will receive a special certificate.

It was noted, that while the structure is built completely of spaghetti, in the future similar structures can be built of other materials, such as aluminum.

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