Deputy minister: Iran’s non-oil sector reached $50 bln revenue in 10 years

Posted on July 26, 2012


Iran’s revenues from non-oil sector reached $50 bln from $7 bln in ten years, deputy minister of industries and mines for international affairs Ali Asghar Ramzi said, Fars reported.

Ramzi noted that major growth in non-oil sector has been reached during the two of country’s 5-year development plans.

“We plan to bring up the non-oil sector growth up to $70 bln this year,” Ramzi said, adding that he hopes country will be able to accomplish this.

He noted that if the country reaches the $70 bln this year, then the currency that is needed for imports will be taken from the non-oil sector revenues.

Ramzi said this way country’s dependency on oil money will be reduced.

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