“Righ now Iran is choking on its own nuclear ambitions”

Posted on June 25, 2012


I honestly think that right now Iran is choking on its own nuclear ambitions. Both official and unofficial statistics show that Iran’s economy is being pounded by the sanctions imposed by both EU and the United States.

Iran held three nuclear negotiations for the past three months. First it was in Turkey (Istanbul) on April 14, then in Baghdad on May 23. Both sides hailed the discussions as constructive although its really bullshit.

Last talks between Iran and the “5+1” group were held in Moscow on June 18-19, and also didn’t bring any significant results.

Officials of the Islamic Republic were instructed to make statements about Iran continuing “path of progress despite sanctions”, which of course is not easy to do. Country’s inflation rising, oil sales are dropping and the future is looking rather bleak.

Now, about that comparison. Why do you think the U.S. does not want Iran to continue its nuclear program? No one ever found any evidence that Iran has any nuclear weapons or bombs. Never. The U.S. is afraid Iran can have them, if it decides to.

Imagine you’re living in an apartment complex. And, say, a few stores above you, there’s this muslim guy living quietly. All of a sudden, one day, you find out that he’s got himself a permit for having weapons, and is planning to buy a gun.

You have no idea why, yet you feel uncomfortable. Partially because you don’t know him well. Also because he’s a muslim. Also because you don’t communicate with him directly  so you don’t have any clue what’s on his mind.

Combine all that – it makes you nervous, and you of course oppose the guy to have that weapon. There you go – a confrontation. You can report him to the police, yet he’s not doing anything illegal – everything is within the law.

Similar thing is happening to Iran – the country is under the IAEA supervision, it signed the NPT treaty, and still world powers are trying to bury Iran, not to let it gain more weight on the world arena. And the longer this situation drags, the bigger are chances that someone is going to snap.

The point is, right now Iran is choking on its own nuclear ambitions, while neighboring countries are forced to watch the situation worsen from beyond “borders”, and hope they won’t get affected more than they should be.