Life span in Iran increased by 14 years since Islamic Revolution

Posted on May 31, 2012


Life span in Iran has increased by 14 years since the Islamic Revolution, Deputy Minister of Healthcare Hassan Imami Razavi said, Fars reported.

Razavi noted that the medium life span in Iran has been growing rapidly, and so far has reached 72,5 years.

He said that the Islamic Republic has developed a lot after the Revolution, adding that today Iranian doctors are fully capable of carrying out a heart transplant operation entirely on their own.

“Iran has reached a point where it no longer has to look for outside help to carry out such an operation. On the contrary, people from other countries come to Iran for such operations,” Razavi said. “As of now, there are eight heart transplant centers functioning in the country, and it showcases the progress in this sphere”.

Noting that Iran has seen tremendous development in the healthcare sphere after the Islamic Revolution, Razavi brought up an example of donorship in the country.

“Iran sees increase in donors all over the country,” Razavi said. “As of now, there are six donors among every million people.”

He admitted that yet a cultural problem still exists, as around 60 percent of people of Iran do not agree to organs donation.

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