AEOI head: Iran might build another nuclear reactor

Posted on April 9, 2012


If Iranian parliament approves the budget, we will be able to build another Amirabad-like pool-type nuclear reactor in the country, the head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Fereydoon Abbasi told IRNA news agency.

Abbasi also noted that Iran will not go over the 20-percent enriched uranium fuel, adding that this percentage is enough for country’s needs.

“If the new reactor gets built, the remaining fuel will be used there,” Abbasi noted. “We will not be purchasing fuel from any other country, as the money have already been invested into the local nuclear sphere”.

The Amirabad reactor in Tehran was loaded with domestically produced nuclear fuel plates during a ceremony of unveiling Iran’s latest nuclear achievements in February 2011.

Abbasi also noted that a production line of “virtual” (non-nuclear) fuel for the 40-megawatt nuclear reactor in Arak has been launched at a nuclear facility in Isfahan.

The western countries suspect Iran of preparing to make nuclear weapons. Iran says its nuclear activities aimed at peaceful purposes. So far, The United Nation Security Council has adopted four rounds of sanctions on Iran. The U.S and its allies also slapped more tightened sanctions on Iran, including embargoes over Iranian banking system and oil crude purchase.