Ex NY City Mayor gone nuts, wants to “attack Iran, if sanctions fail”

Posted on April 2, 2012


Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch has apparently lost his mind. What else to expect from a 87 year old, who claims to “attack Iran, if sanctions fail”?

The potential for an armed standoff between a nuclear Iran and Israel is not comparable to the Cold War and the United States should be prepared to take military action with the Jewish state,  perhaps as early as this year, former New York City Mayor Ed Koch declared in an interview with Newsmax.TV.

Koch, who was one of the most colorful figures in New York politics, said he would not take military action until economic sanctions are given a “reasonable chance” to succeed.

“You can just extend this forever and then the Iranians would be able to harden the sites — and even the United States wouldn’t have the military hardware that could destroy it,” Koch said in an interview. He also said that he  believes President Barack Obama has turned the corner with respect to his policy toward Israel.

“Well I believe he is a supporter of Israel and intends to, as he put it, protect its back,” according to Koch. “I hope it would take also the position of protecting the whole state — front and back — and joining with Israel at the appropriate moment in a military strike against Iran.”

I am not taking anyone’s side here, but it seems to me that Koch has absolutely no idea what a war would mean not only to the region but to the United States as well.

“Well I’m not an expert, so I’m not going to set the time, but I do believe that we have in the past waited much too long between threats and sanctions, and repercussions,” added Koch, who served as New York’s 105th mayor from 1978-89. “What I would hope is that Israel and the United States could sit down and decide between the two of them how to go forward.”

Do you believe this guy? He’s actually saying that “The U.S. and Israel should sit down and decide between the two of them how to go forward”. Of course, its easy to sit secured, while others are given orders to go to war that could hit back when you least expect it. Iran is not Afghanistan, and its not Iraq.

Koch says Israel faces an “existential threat” from a nuclear Iran. “Israel is a small country. Iran already has the rockets capable of delivering a nuclear weapon and they can just destroy Israel even if Israel is able to respond with planes, and sends over a large number of nuclear bombs.”

Koch is right, Israel is small, and angry, because Iran, if it wanted to, would whipe that state off the face of the Earth. Iranians are not stupid, they do understand what a war means, so they’re not going to attack anyone. They havent for quite some time, even when the Iran-Iraq war started, it was Iraq who invaded Iran, and paid the price.

Koch keeps repeating that he’s no nuclear expert, yet he says Iran is “close to posing a nuclear threat to Israel”.

Idiotic statements like this one from Koch is what destabilizing the situation. Israel is trying to push the U.S. towards the war with Iran, knowing that Iran has no problem at all to defeat Israel. Even without the nuclear weapons.

Koch of course doesn’t mention that Israel has nuclear weapons, and that Iran signed the NPT treaty, while Israel did not. Koch does not think about that if the war does start, he just might one day get blown up in his car by some “unknowns” sent by Iran. This would turn into a covert war, a proxy war, a hell, if you will.

The issue with Iran is a very sensitive one, and there’s absolutely no need for such statements as this one from a 90 year old. There’s still enough room for diplomacy. The parties just have to use the right language.