PHOTO GALLERY – Iranian ninja women

Posted on March 29, 2012


Over 3,000 women in Iran have officially registered for practicing and studying Ninjutsu. Women practice Ninjutsu at their gym in Karaj, 45 km (28 miles) northwest of Tehran.

These practices consist of women doing stances of attack, stealth methods, defensive gymnastics, wielding bows and swords, and so on.

The Iranian government has long attempted to restrict women from sports, including a 2006 rule that joined men and women’s sports administrations. Women however are fighting for their rights in Iran.

If you look past the tiger-striped costumes and over-the-top production, you can glimpse the self-empowerment of these women in a society that seeks to rob them of power, and perhaps begin to understand why ninjutsu, and athletics in general, have become so popular with Iranian women

For Iranian women, martial arts are an increasingly popular way of channelling it and ninjutsu one of the most popular choices within that. Purists argue that modern ninjutsu (which came to prominence in the 1970s) is not a martial art at all but a meaningless mishmash of moves and practices that have no connection with the covert arts of war practised by the true ninjas of ancient Japan.

Anyway, compiled below is a photo gallery of Iranian women practicing Ninjutsu, both in the gym and outside of it. Take a closer look.

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