Experts name reasons why Iranian specialists look for jobs outside the country

Posted on March 24, 2012


Pressure, lack of investment and modern technology are the possible reasons why Iranian specialists leave the country, looking for better job offers, U.S. Northeastern University Professor Kamran Dadkhah said, commenting on recent news about Iranian specialists in oil sphere working outside of Islamic Republic.

A few days ago, Iranian official said that nearly 4,000 specialists of Iran’s Ministry of Oil currently work in other countries. It was noted that Iranian specialists left Iran for outside jobs because of low salary that they were being paid in Iran. Attractive offers from other countries prompted local specialists to leave.

Dadkhah believes that it is hard to establish the exact data of Iranian specialists who currently work abroad.

“Even if the mentioned number is true, most likely it is not the result of an intentional action by a foreign power,” Dadkhah told Trend. “Many educated Iranians in almost all fields, many students, and even ordinary people would like to leave the country and many do”.

American Enterprise Institute Research Fellow Ali Alfoneh says there have long been talks on this issue.

“The exact numbers are impossible to confirm, but for some time, there has been widespread rumors on executives and technicians from Iran’s oil industry, and Iranian pilots accepting job offers abroad,” Alfoneh said.

“That, along with othe problems is likely to affect Iran’s future development,” he added.