Ten people arrested in connection with parliamentary elections in Iran

Posted on March 2, 2012


Ten saboteurs were arrested in Iran in connection with the parliamentary elections, the head of the election security department, Mohammad-Naqi Baqeri said, Mehr reported.

Baqeri noted that all the detainees came abroad, however did not notify exactly from which countries. He added that the detainees were trying to destabilize elections and cause provocations.

The security official at the Tehran governor’s office did not clarify what sabotage acts the ten had planned, but said security agents were closely watching all elements linked to foreign circles.

Meanwhile, the 9th parliamentary elections in Iran continue. So far no serious violations were obseved at the elections, according to press-secretary of Iran’s guardian council Abbasali Kadhudai.

Journalists and reporters from Germany, Austria, Spain, the U.S., Ukraine, Italy, Brazil, Belgium, Turkey, Czech Republic, Russia, France, Japan, Finland, Canada, South Korea, Lebanon and Venezuela are covering the parliamentary elections in Iran.

Over 3,000 candidates compete in the parliamentary elections. The elections take place in 46,062 polling stations. They are held in 14,307 polling stations by using the mobile ballot boxes. According to the law, the parliamentary elections must last 10 hours, but if there is a need, the interior minister may extend the voting time.

The election results may be made public in 48 – 72 hours after the election day (from March 2). For the first time, the electronic voting will be widely used in Iran. The electronic voting takes place in the main polling stations of 14 provinces.

About 48 million people have the right to vote in Iran. According to Iranian News Network, a lot of people have been active in casting their votes at the 9th parliamentary elections in the country.