Polling stations in Iran out of ballot papers, media surprised by high turnout

Posted on March 2, 2012


Governor of Tabriz city in Northwestern Iran stressed people’s high and fervent turnout in the ninth parliamentary elections, and said polling stations in his city ran out of ballot papers just a few hours after polling started, Fars reported.

“According to the representative of the governorate and Election Supervisory Board people have staged such a high turnout in Kandroud station in Tabriz, Azarshahr and Oskou constituencies that polling stations have run out of ballots,” Mahmoud Chamani told FNA in Tabriz on Friday.

Chamani, meantime, underlined the Elections Headquarters’ readiness to settle such problems, and said more ballot papers were sent to the aforesaid stations immediately.

Polling stations in Iran’s capital city of Tehran are also witnessing high public participation today despite the massive negative propaganda launched by the western media to dissuade the Iranian people from voting in the parliamentary elections.

According to FNA dispatches, people of Tehran started queuing at the polling stations even before voting started this morning.

The crowd of voters is more remarkable in Lolagar Mosque in western Tehran, Imam Hossein Mosque in Central Tehran and Al-Nabi Mosque in Northeastern Tehran.

The Iranian people’s high turnout came as the western media have sought hard to dissuade the people from voting on one hand, and show to the world that the ninth parliamentary elections in Iran is experiencing a cold public participation on the other hand.

Foreign reporters covering today’s elections in Iran have come to admit that they have been surprised by the people’s high turnout in the elections.

According to FNA dispatches, foreign and western journalists, most of whom are stationed at different polling stations in Tehran, were astound after they witnessed large crowds of people queuing at the polling stations even before voting officially started.

Hundreds of foreign reporters are in Iran to cover the Friday parliamentary elections in the country. Many European, Asian and American reporters, including Al-Forat, Associated Press, Reuters, CNN, Channel 2 of France TV, Channel one of German TV, Italian Real TV, IHA, Al-an, CCTV, Japan’s National TV are in Tehran to cover the election.