North Korea to help Iran in case of war?

Posted on February 27, 2012


No, there have been no official statements on whether North Korea will help Iran, in case if the Islamic Republic will engage in a war against Israel, or the United States. This is just my own thoughts.

North Korea has recently lost its leader, Kim Jong-Il. Now, his son Kim Jong Un is in charge, ruling the world’s most isolated country. Noth Korea has pretty much nothing to offer to anybody, except for something military connected.

Some time ago, there were some reports about N. Korea sending its nuclear specialists to Iran, to help with Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. Later, North Korea denied all the reports. Of course considering its North Korea we’re talking about, it seems logical that it would have sent its nuclear scientists to Iran. Whether it really did or not – remains a mystery.

Another rumors online claimed that Iran could be using North Korea’s grounds for testing its nuclear arsenal. The reports were in fact opinions, and they were left as such.

north korea kim jong ilDiplomatic relations between Iran and N. Korea picked up following the Iranian Revolution in 1979 and the establishment of an Islamic Republic. Iran and North Korea pledge cooperation in educational, scientific, and cultural spheres, aside from the nuclear program. The United States has been greatly concerned by North Korea’s arms deals with Iran, which started during the 1980s with North Korea acting as a third party in arms deals between the Communist bloc and Iran, as well as selling domestically produced weapons to Iran, and North Korea continues selling missile and nuclear technology to Iran.

As far as the title question goes – will North Korea help Iran in case of war? Logically, it could have, since the two countries have similar interests in nuclear sphere.

On the other hand, North Korea does not have much to lose, except for its poor people, who are being mentally and physically abused by their iron-fisted regime. As far as I know, N. Korea and Iran do have somewhat positive relations, but they’re no friends, make no mistake about that.

If the war does start, which couldn’t be of any benefits to anyone, Iran really does not have a lot of allies to rely on. Islamic country’s neighbors do not seem to be willing to put themselves under fire for Iran.

The Islamic Factor in the region does play a big role, and based on that only, its safe to say that such countries as UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, will not be sucked into becoming Iran’s “war buddies”. Pakistan and Afghanistan on the other hand can, and will – at least Pakistan officially said it will stand beside Iran if the situation in the region will start to heat up.

As for N. Korea, if it decides to get involved, the country’s regime will have additional problems of getting their military troops to Iran. One of the ways to do so, is by sea – through Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and right into the Strait of Hormuz. That is, if N. Korean ships do not get into some kind of trouble along the way.

I highly doubt that Iran will rely on North Korea, for one (obvious for me) reason – their new leader is a youngster, who has no experience in politics, let alone war. Ahmadinejad and Khamenei as well, will not take young Kim Jong Un seriously, even if it goes as far as asking from N. Korea’s military help.