Iran’s Supreme Leader: A nuclear weapon does not make a strong nation

Posted on February 23, 2012


khameneiPressure, various threats and terror are not effective against Iran, Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei said, IRINN TV channel reported live.

The Supreme Leader today met with country’s nuclear scientists and industry officials in Tehran, where he made the remarks.

Khamenei added that Iranian nation continues its own way despite difficulties. He also said that threats and pressure are the examples of enemies’ weakness.

“A nuclear weapon does not make a strong nation,” Khamenei said. “People of Iran will prove that a country can be strong without having nuclear power”.

Speaking about the sanctions imposed on Iran, Khamenei noted that they did not stop Iran from progress.

“Sanctions were there ever since the Islamic Revolution,” Khamenei said. “Hegemonic powers just want to stop Iran’s scientific progress. They do not need any independent states”.