Iran’s researchers build machine to rehabilitate hand muscles

Posted on February 21, 2012


Iranian researches and scientists are going full speed, the way I see it. Recently, they managed to build smart machine to rehabilitate opening and closing of hand fingers’ muscles.

The researcher of the project Mohammad Javad Sadeghi said rehabilitation at home, localization and proper price are some specifications of the machine, adding it can be used in some diseases including stroke which leads to weakness in hands, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and injury in different incidents.

He noted the machine measures the performance and reaction of the patient at the time of rehabilitation and reacts based on the measurements whereas in previous methods there was not such synchronization.

Sadeghi pointed out the machine should be set by the order of the relevant doctor, adding the machine enjoys some arrangements so that the level of the passing current from its two engines could be measured. When patients put insert pressure on the handles, the machine would be able to apply better rehabilitation based on the measurements and recognizing the changes of the currents.

He continued lever resistance would increase as more pressure is put on the machine and as soon as the pressure of hands decreases, resistance of the lever would be reduced.

Sadeghi continued the method would accelerate the rehabilitation and of course lead to less demand of the related specialists.

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