Iran protecting its nuclear facilities at all costs…

Posted on February 21, 2012


Iran seems to be protecting its nuclear facilities at all costs, as it seems to be the only bargaining chip that the country has before the U.S. and its allies.

Today, the Islamic Republic started the “Sarallah” air defense maneuvers in southern Iran. Reportedly these maneuvers are meant to enhance the country’s integrated network of air defense with a focus on modern defensive tactics.

These military maneuvers are also being carried out to increase country’s readiness for possible outside military threats, in particular on its nuclear facilities. During the four-day maneuvers, domestically manufactured advanced missile systems, air defense artillery systems, various radar systems, and Air Force surveillance aircraft will be used and tested.

Air defense units of the Armed Forces and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and the lookouts of the National Police and the Basij volunteer forces will carry out the exercises under the command of the Khatam-ol-Anbiya Air Defense Base.

Iran has recently increased military exercises as international tensions grow over its alleged nuclear weapons programme, with Israel saying it has not ruled out the possibility of military strikes.

Earlier, Iranian Defense Minister, Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi noted that Iran will soon start manufacturing new generation fighter jets, which will have upgraded technical characteristics. Last month, Vahidi said that Iran will unveil new maritime patrol aircraft soon, taking another step toward national modern defense technology.

Over the past years, Iran has gained considerable progresses in defense sector and attained self-sufficiency in manufacturing key military equipment and systems, despite sanctions against the country by the UN Security Council, the U.S. and the E.U. over the country’s refusal to abandon peaceful nuclear work.

The country has repeatedly announced that its military might is merely based on defense doctrine and deterrence of any attack and poses no threat to other countries.

So, on one hand, Iran is carries out these naval drills in Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz to show its “enemies” that the country has some power to be reckoned with, and on the other hand it viciously tries to protect its nuclear plants, since if they’re attacked, country’s crippled economy won’t be the only headache…

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