If the world was a movie…what would Iran be?

Posted on February 20, 2012


Assuming for a second that the world is one big film, don’t rush by saying Iran is the villain. The villain, as I see it, would be North Korea. Iran perfectly fits into being an anti-hero, and I think I can explain why.

A villain usually does not do anything good, and North Korea is a great example. People of that country might be great, but since all we mortals see and know is their ruthless government, that’s exactly the image we get.

Iran on the other hand, is a typical anti-hero. He (assuming this antihero is a “he” is religious, and doesn’t back down from anybody. He’s a drug addict, who loves nuclear weapons, yet at the same time he believes in God, and makes rapid progress in such spheres as medicine and science.

As for the heroes – pick one yourself…this is so sensitive, that I don’t want to rush into naming some country that has too much “sins”.

And, since Iran is an anti-hero, that’s why its the hottest news right now – no one knows how to deal with an anti-hero. He’s not a complete villain, so he cannot just be attacked without any reason. He’s no good guy, either. So, in a world of diplomacy and politics, all we get is countless meetings, statements, provocations, showoffs, behind-the-curtain lies, and not much of real action.